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Back eAlbum Great tool of Marketing

Use eAlbum as your tool of marketing. Increase the number of album designing orders you get by circulating your digital album portfolio. Today, we will learn about how a digital eAlbum portfolio can help you get more orders. When you meet any prospect, you always need to show your portfolio to get the designing order. Every time it is not possible to personally visit prospects along with the sample albums.

Why not create a digital Album portfolio and share it digitally with your customers along with your contact details?

DgFlick’s eAlbum can be used as a Digital Album portfolio by album designers as well as an Additional Revenue Generator for album designers.

Digital Portfolio

Now get rid of all the printed portfolios because your mobile can be your portfolio. Create your digital portfolio simultaneously. Carry your portfolio everywhere. All the published albums can be seen and shown in your mobile through Album Xpress App.

Features of eAlbum

  • eAlbums can be viewed as a physical album by turning pages. eAlbum can carry videos & weblinks on pages.
  • eAlbum enables you to publish your profile. Free Album Xpress App available on Play Store as well as App Store to view eAlbums.
  • Share eAlbums through email, WhatsApp, or any social media.
  • View eAlbum online
  • Unique Access Code for each eAlbum
  • Make eAlbums available only for Private View


Album Designer’s profile embedded with Every eAlbum

Every eAlbum that you publish carries your profile. It includes your studio name, contact number, email address, and much more. It sends your contact to all the relatives and friends of the bride and groom.